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Sunday Leisure and Additions to my Blogroll



Haruki Murakami’s latest novel

Today we had lunch at my in-laws and came back home with a disproportionate amount of fresh produce from their vegetable patch!

In the comfort of my couch, while watching BBC’s In the Flesh (excellent TV show by the way, but very intense, just warning) I started surfing the web to find some new recipes to cook some of the things we brought. By doing so, I discovered two new blogs that I’ll definitely follow and I thought it would be a nice idea to share them with you. Although I intend my next recipe to be a surprise, here’s a lead: They are Japanese cooking blogs! I’m also including one that’s always been in my blogroll but it’s worth the reminder.

Hope you enjoy reading them and cooking some of their wonderful recipes!

I’ve also been reading a book that absolutely captivated me: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, from Haruki Murakami, one of my favourite authors. Oh my God! it’s pure Haruki: delightful, deep, sad and tender. It remained me of Tokio Blues (Norwegian Woods) narrative. Sadly, I liked it so much that it only lasted until today, I’m about to finished it. A sort of nostalgia invades me every time I finish a book I enjoyed and found extremely good, the same kind that I feel the last days of a great holiday trip. Doesn’t it happen to you? 

Have a great week!

PS. I’ve just added a “Print Friendly & PDF” button at the bottom of each post, that allows to generate a printable and/or PDF document that can be edited ad hoc: you can eliminate the images and introduction paragraphs just by clicking on them before generating the doc. This way you can save or print just the recipe instructions. Every little detail counts when it comes to sustainability; environmentally, economically and practically wise!


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  2. Will have to check them out and now I’m going to try to work out how to add that pdf button – great idea!

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