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Shoes and I (Soup will be back next week)

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Dear foodies of the world, a quick post just to tell you I’m off for a few days. I’m heading to San Sebastian to a friend’s wedding and will be visiting French Pays Basque as well; so I might be bringing some great recipes ideas back and maybe, if we’re lucky, a good restaurant/s review.

I don’t know if I ever told you before, but besides trying and cooking food from around the world, shoes are another passion of mine since I can recall. I have many, but, in my defence, I use them all! Here’s a selection of the spring/summer’14 acquisitions, some of them can be bought online, you can find the links below just in case you’re interested.  As you can see, when I like a design, I usually buy it in different colours, I do the same with clothes, I find it so practical! Is anyone out there doing the same or am I just a bit nuts?


The flats are from here but they’re no longer on sale (I bought them at early spring, I think they have some left at the outlet)

The black and brown sandals are from a french label I love (great quality/price ratio) I buy them when I go to France, they’re not available in Spain, as far as I know.

Finally the pale blue sandals are from a lovely Barcelona brand I recently discover


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