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Shoes III – The Clearance Sales

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Another shoes post, to take a break from soup once in a while! In Spain they call them “the third sales” they are the last sales of the season and as I wear a very small shoe size I’m usually very lucky and find those special items left at a ridiculous low price. At this point of the season, in general I’ve  already bought anything I needed/wanted, so if I’m buying something more, it has to be useful in the transition or next season.

This year I found these three little treasures; the pink animal print ballerinas are from Bimba y Lola, one of my favourites Spanish firms for shoes and bags. The all time classic blue and brown loafers are from Massimo Dutti and the super elegant and also timeless grey bow ballerinas were found in my recent trip to Warsaw! They are all genuine leather (and the grey ballerinas are hand-made and limited edition!), which I really appreciate and it’s almost a sine qua non condition for me when it comes to shoes and bags. I was raised in Argentina, where there is a long tradition in leather manufacture and very good design in shoes and bags, so I could call it a cultural matter…

I can’t wait for autumn to be here to start eating soups and wearing these beauties!

Have a great week!


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