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Arroz Amarillo con Pollo – Chicken Yellow Rice

As far as I can recall, because you know memory can be tricky sometimes, this is the very first actual recipe I cooked on my own, when I was around 10 years old. I say actual, because far before then I used to “cook” cube stock with soup noodles, as you can see I’ve been obsessed with soup from a very early age.

My grandma Ajó (from my father’s side) was the one who taught me this clearly paella-inspired recipe that was one of her star dishes, along with empanadas, that everybody loved. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to successfully reproduced her empanadas but luckily I came much closer to her arroz con pollo.

Both my grannies were the ones who introduced me to cooking, check out the first recipe in the grannies series here, which is also another legendary family dish from my other grandma, Dina. They were both great cooks, each one with their own signature style, but a common ground: they mastered a few good recipes, nothing fancy or exotic, that they repeated over the years with always the same steady and delicious result! I’ve always admired that, because my outcomes in the kitchen are much more variable. I guess it has to do with the global approach and large flow of information we have nowadays that make us keep trying different things all the time. I am happy to be able to enjoy both the traditional and the innovative approaches in my kitchen…

Arroz con pollo is a quite common dish in Argentina, where I come from, that has most probably been adapted from our Spanish heritage. The cooking principles are the same as the paella ones, with easily available local ingredients. The yellow colour comes from the saffron, which being such an expensive ingredient back in the day, was usually mixed with some sort food colouring, such as turmeric, but sold under the generic name of “saffron”.

Shall we cook now?

By the way, how do you like this year’s header, aren’t you craving soup now? yummy!

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Argentine Humita and Cauliflower Soup


Humita is one of my favourite foods from my country of origin, Argentina. It is a typical dish from the Andes region consisting of creamy maize (corn) paste, prepared with onion, pepper, grated maize, milk, cheese and spices. In the North-west country it is served boiled  inside a square package made with the maize husks, known as “Humita en Chala“. All around the country it is more commonly use as empanadas (a typical pastry) filling,  in pies and even sandwiches.  This is how I used to enjoyed it when I lived there and now I cook empanandas de humita every now and then, when I’m really craving for that unique flavour, not so often since is quite time-consuming and calorific.

But the other evening I thought: and why not an humita soup? and here it is, delicious and slightly more guilt-free than empanadas! The cauliflower addition, which turned out really well, I must confess was only because I had a head asking for help in my fridge and I decided to use it to add some healthy veggie to the mix. And since I’m in a confession mood, here’s another one: I never use fresh corn to make my humita and I don’t grate it either. In an ideal world you would boil corn cobs and then grate them; I just use frozen or even tinned corn and a blender to make the paste. Let’s try it?

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