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Sunday Leisure and Additions to my Blogroll


Haruki Murakami’s latest novel

Today we had lunch at my in-laws and came back home with a disproportionate amount of fresh produce from their vegetable patch!

In the comfort of my couch, while watching BBC’s In the Flesh (excellent TV show by the way, but very intense, just warning) I started surfing the web to find some new recipes to cook some of the things we brought. By doing so, I discovered two new blogs that I’ll definitely follow and I thought it would be a nice idea to share them with you. Although I intend my next recipe to be a surprise, here’s a lead: They are Japanese cooking blogs! I’m also including one that’s always been in my blogroll but it’s worth the reminder.

Hope you enjoy reading them and cooking some of their wonderful recipes!

I’ve also been reading a book that absolutely captivated me: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, from Haruki Murakami, one of my favourite authors. Oh my God! it’s pure Haruki: delightful, deep, sad and tender. It remained me of Tokio Blues (Norwegian Woods) narrative. Sadly, I liked it so much that it only lasted until today, I’m about to finished it. A sort of nostalgia invades me every time I finish a book I enjoyed and found extremely good, the same kind that I feel the last days of a great holiday trip. Doesn’t it happen to you? 

Have a great week!

PS. I’ve just added a “Print Friendly & PDF” button at the bottom of each post, that allows to generate a printable and/or PDF document that can be edited ad hoc: you can eliminate the images and introduction paragraphs just by clicking on them before generating the doc. This way you can save or print just the recipe instructions. Every little detail counts when it comes to sustainability; environmentally, economically and practically wise!


Indian Squid Curry – Madhur Jaffrey Recipe

I’ve already introduced my favourite Thai recipe book and today is the turn of my favourite Indian cuisine author.  I’m sharing a recipe from “Curry Easy” a fantastic recipe book from Madhur Jaffery. Her approach to Indian cooking is both simple and authentic at the same time. Her recipes turn out so good that we had drastically reduced our visits to Indian restaurants, because we found ourselves saying: what for? let’s cook it at home, that it tastes as good or sometimes even better than the restaurant food!


Living in the coast, in a fisher’s town, the other day an indecent amount of fresh squid came to may hands (it was already clean fortunately). I didn’t know what to do with it! Although there are endless Spanish recipes to cook it, I’m not very experienced in preparing seafood, I find it quite difficult actually, that’s why I usually order it at restaurants instead of cooking it home. But this time  I remembered this Indian recipe that I never tried before and decided to face the challenge! I added my touch by including some fresh mushrooms and used stock instead of water for the sauce.

It is really easy and the result is amazing! Squid flavour is very strong, so make sure you like it or replace it by any other seafood or fish of your choice. The good thing is that I got to cook all the squid and this curry makes a great left-over or it can be freeze for future use.

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Bulgur and Rucola Vegetable Soup

Last Monday was my 36th birthday and a dear friend gave a wonderful gift: A Soup recipe Book, that I loved and put to good use right away. The Book is a Spanish edition of Soups, from Carole Clements (Parragon Books Ltd). Its recipes are great, easy to make and very well explained. To begin I chose a bulgur wheat (aka bulgar) soup packed with vegetables that turn out so delicious that definitely passed to our recipe “permanent collection”

I absolutely love bulgur wheat and I normally use it to make kibbeh, using a recipe from Chef in Disguise, a fabulous Middle-Eastern cuisine blog you probably already know. I found kibbeh to be such a great alternative to plain hamburgers that is a usual dish in our kitchen. I’ve also tried a delicious spinach and bulgur soup from Sitno Seckano, another great food blog. But that was as far as I went with bulgur and knowing there are so many other options out there I wanted to further explore them. Besides, bulgur is a delicious way to incorporate whole grains to our diet.

The other protagonist to this recipe is rucola (aka rocket or arugula), one of my favourites green leaves. At home we eat it raw in salads, with pasta or like in today’s dish in a soup!

I think this is a very versatile recipe and you can vary the vegetables on it according to the season and I also reckon it would be very good with quinoa instead of bulgur for a different version. Besides, I like to keep it meatless at some meals and this one is a great complete satisfying dish.

Here’s the recipe, slightly adapted to my cooking stile. I hope you try it and like it at much as we did!

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Thai Prawn and Lemongrass Soup – Ken Hom recipe

Today I’m sharing a very simple but tasty soup I usually make at home,using one of my favourite recipe books.

Ken Hom. Simple Thai Cookery. 2006. BBC Books.

Ken Hom. Simple Thai Cookery. 2006. BBC Books.

Simple Thai Cookery from Ken Hom (BBC Books) was my first Thai recipe book and I have been cooking with it since I bought it quite a few years ago already. Its recipes are very easy to follow (and to adapt, which is very important to me) and they taste really Thai, most of the times better than Thai restaurant food.

I adapted this recipe by adding vegetables to it, to make it a complete supper instead of a starter.

This is a great option for a healthy, light, quick and delicious supper!

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