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Merry Christmas and Happy 2015! (and a note)

1521384_10152125788164345_703212621_nMerry Christmas and Happy 2015 my foodie friends!

2014 was my first year as a food blogger and it has been a pleasure to share my all time favourites soup recipes, as well as the new ones and some other little things such as restaurants reviews, trips and even shoes!

I hope you all enjoy the most foodie season of the year with your love ones!

We’re welcoming the new year in Portugal (Porto), a very soupy land, so hopefully Around the Bowl will come back on 2015 with renewed inspiration and lots of around the world recipes to discover and share.

A little note: I am so sorry I’ve been sort of missing in action the last few weeks, but I’m currently on a losing weight diet. I know, in Christmas season, shocking! But funny as it may sound, is always easier for me to lose weight during winter months than in spring/summer, so here I am. It’s medically supervised, nothing crazy, but honestly extremely dull. I’m not starving, but it’s not very inspiring to post grilled fish, poultry or meat + green veggies which is basically what I’m allowed to eat now. However, on the food front, I will of course enjoy my Christmas Eve and Day and my New Year’s Holidays and come back with more recipes on 2015!

Hope to see you around!


Soup Guru (Julia)


Just a Note

Hello dear foodies of the world!

Soup season is leaving on my side of the world and wonderful spring and summer are ahead of us, so what is going to happen in Around the Bowl? Well, with your permission I’ll be posting cold soups (not my specialty therefore I’ll be experimenting along the way) but also non-soupy dishes that I’d love to share with you.

Of course, at home we eat hot soups or stews during summer as well, that I’ll keep publishing too. Think, for instance, of South Eastern Asia, with its delicious curries and laksas, or India with its mouth-watering cuisine eaten in the tropical heat.

If, on the contrary, autumn is coming in your corner of the world, you have a lot of ideas already posted to give it a proper welcome!

Anyway, the spirit will remain the same: to discover and share flavours from around the world, bring them to our kitchens to enjoy and celebrate different cultures through their cuisine!

Hope to see you around, happy equinox to everybody!