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Hungarian Gulyás (Goulash) – The Stew(ish) Soup

Gulyás (aka Goulash) is the Hungarian most famous dish celebrity and many of us think of it as a stew, however in Hungary it is also considered and served as a soup. In Budapest I had it both ways: it was more stewish in the Christmas street market and in Hungarian typical food restaurants and more soupy in modern cuisine restaurants. Any Hungarian out there to shed some light on the subject?

Gulyás is usually served along with Csipetkes, small pinched noodles made of flour and eggs very common in Hungarian soups and stews, they are very similar to German Spätzles.

I’m very fond of this dish because it was one of the first “ethnic” recipes I discovered and prepared as a teenager; I recall I even made the Csipetkes to go with it from scratch and serve it to my family that always supported me in my cooking adventures.

The key to a tasty Gulyás is a good paprika much more than the beef cut or anything else on the recipe, so arm yourself with your paprika and let’s cook!

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