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#InstaFood Post – The Ultimate Gourmet Burger

Yes, I’m the kind of person that likes to instagram every delicious piece of  food that I take to my mouth, both home-made or restaurant’s. #Instafood and #FoodPorn are my sort of hashtags.

If it’s a complete recipe (that we first loved at home), it generally makes it to a post, but if it’s something very simple I put together quickly and had turned out great, it makes just a good Instagram material.

However, today, after instagraming the most delicious gourmet burger we have had in ages, I thought it was worth sharing it! Although all we’ve done was drive to the supermarket to buy the ingredients, the cooking involved was minimal, the result was so amazing that I had to share this magical combination with whoever gets to read this blog!

Most of the recipe is actually summarised in the Instagram post, but if you want more details on the ingredients and the making, keep reading!

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Quick Maultaschensuppe – German Dumpling Soup

The past two weeks I tried two new soup recipes I was planning to post and although they were OK, they weren’t absolutely delicious and I feel they need an extra twist before I publish them. I think is not fair to post recipes that are just OK, after all I blog to share with all the foodies of the world dishes that I am passionate about, otherwise what would be the point of it all?

For reasons that have nothing to do with cooking I was in very black mood when I cooked them and that invariably reflects on the result, does it happen to you too?

Luckily I have a few recipes in reserve; today’s is the traditional Maultaschen German Soup. Maultaschen are big rectangular dumplings filled with a mix of meats, spinach and spices that are usually eaten in a clear broth or sauté and served with some sauce. They are original from the region of Swabia (Bavaria) in Southwestern Germany. If you look on the internet you’ll find plenty of recipes to prepare the dumplings from scratch, but in this case I used bought ones to a quick version that is a great resource to an easy but complete meal. I’ve been wanting to cook a German recipe for a while and when I saw the Maultaschen at my local supermarket I didn’t doubt it for a second. I added some vegetables to the sotck in this version for a one course supper, here it goes!

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