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Pork Vindaloo – a Classic Indian Curry

Considering that Indian cuisine is among my favourites, I am really wondering how is it possible that it took me 14 posts to publish my first Indian recipe! I guess I had so many recipes to share that it took me this long. Besides, we actually eat everything I publish here, so once in a while I cook something that is not soup in between (haha) making the waiting list longer.  I also have a little confession to make: last January, I cooked a delicious curry for my sweetheart birthday (along with Thai, Indian food is our choice when celebrating) that it was supposed to be in a post, but I didn’t like the pictures outcome so I’ve finally never published it.

I like Indian food that much that, when travelling, if I find an Indian Restaurant on my way, I have to try it! I’ve been to plenty, but here are some very good ones I specially enjoyed: Rasa Maricham at the Kings Cross Holiday Inn hotel in London with a varied menu from Kerala and very good service; Maharani Indian Restaurant in Camden, also in London, offers an excellent Anglo-Indian menu with great service. Finally, the very enjoyable Diwali Indian Restaurant in Dublin.

There are plenty of beautiful Indian soups that I will be sharing, but I’d like to start the Indian series with a legendary curry: Pork Vindaloo, I usually order lamb Vindaloo at Indian restaurants but today I’ve decided to try it at home with pork instead of lamb or chicken. Vindaloo is one of the spiciest Indian curries with a base of vinegar and garlic. It was brought to India by the Portuguese and later locally customised with the addition of chilli and more spices.

Anyway, it was about time I publish an Indian dish, so here it is!

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